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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Martial Artist supporting Cancer Research

Hello everyone,
Recently we received the following message from one of our customer in Australia.
So, I'd like to introduce this as follows:
" Hi,

Three years ago a dear friend was diagnosed with cancer. This is a very common story and most of us have come in contact with cancer through being personally diagnosed or through the diagnosis of friends and loved ones. There is such a feeling of helplessness and desire to do something to protect and help the ones you love.

Out of this feeling "Fight for Life" was born. The martial art community around the world will come together to help raise awareness and much needed funds for cancer research on 6th-7th November at the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre. All instructors are donating their time, volunteers and sponsors are also supporting this event.

If you wish to join the fight please consider attending the seminar in November or if you are not involved in martial art, please forward his email to as many people as you can to promote the event. We believe that "singularly we can accomplish little but united we can make a difference".

Thank you for your support.

The Fight For Life Team


"Please forward this on to everyone you know"


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