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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Great for Summer

Hello to our friends all over the world,

We'd like to introduce our Seersucker Aikido Gi Jacket and pants Set.  
Many Aikido masters and practioners all over the world love them very much!!!

"Seersucker Gi and pants set " JPY13,000 special price by Sept. 30,2010

If you have ever experienced sweat drenched Gi making you feel really uncomfortable or worse, even restricting your moves, you should seriously consider our Seersucker Aikido Gi Jacket( Pants are also available. ) Thanks to the uniquely-patterned stitching applied to the lightweight fabric, it absorbs the sweat effectively and dries much quicker than the Gi made of the conventional fabric. Now you stay pretty dry and comfortable even during summer intensive training. 100 % bleached cotton. Size available from 2 to 6. Obi belt sold separately.


The hanger is great, too. This is a special one for martial arts wear. As you see, you can put the Gi's sleeve straight!  Hanger Price: JPY1800 

Our new logotype"武(Hokodome) "and  the AIKIKAI. As you see, the Gi is put on the SHOGOIN  FUROSHIKI "SACRA " we've produced it since this spring for Budo fans all over the world. It will protect your cherished wear ( Gi, Hakama etc.) FYI, size: 105cm x 105cm ( we call this size 3巾=3 haba. )
The Shogoin Furoshiki embroidered with your favorite colour and words  are available.

We can ship to all over the world from our Shogoin Store.
Please feel free to contact: shogoin@tozando.com
Phone:81-75-762-1341 Fax:81-75-762-1241

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Eduardo Alfaro said...

Excellent blog! congratulations, the most beautyfull budo store in all kyoto